B1 Wrought Iron Sign Bracket

B1 – Bill Robertson
Wrought Iron Sign Bracket

Thursday and Friday. The teaching language is English.

The planning of this class has been and still is a challenge for me. The project is simple, a beautiful wrought iron bracket to hold a trade sign like you would have seen throughout Europe in the last few hundred years. The challenge is how to make it in only 2 days with basic tools. I have not entirely figured that out so I’m going to write a description of what I am thinking about so you can judge if this is the type of class you would want.

First, about the exact bracket we will be doing. I am still trying to decide based on what is possible in the time we have and what techniques you will learn. So the photos I have posted are not necessarily the same bracket you will make. Closer to the July I will have pictures and drawings of the very one we will make. Many of the techniques taught can be used to make all sorts of brackets and iron work. You may also be able to vary the size.

The problems I am still trying to solve is to find a metal that is easy to work in yet strong enough not to be too fragile. Should we solder, strap or rivett this together? I have been experimenting with different steels and leaded alloys and still have not found the perfect one. I just bought a new metal shear and roller that allows me to make metal stock in whatever size we will need for the class. My latests experiments have been focused around the idea of using a harder steel for the main parts and a softer, easier to work metal for a lot of the smaller details. So I still have some work to do before I have the exact details of how and what we are going to do but I think you can get the idea of the type of class I am planning. This class will focus mainly on the ornate bracket, we will make a simple blank sign but that will be for the students to do the lettering on later.

b1-6skilteThe tools needed will mostly be some pliers for bending, a jewelers saw for cutting steel and a small torch for soldering if we have to.

2 days class material cost: Since I don’t know what metal we will use I don’t know the exact cost yet. I would guess between 300 DKr. and, but not more than 500 Dkr.
The material cost can vary due to rate of exchange.

Examples of signs of the same type as the object in Bills Class B1:

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