B4 A Small Silver Item

B4 – Jens Torp

A Small Silver Item

Thursday and FridayA6-02w

Teaching languages are English and Danish.

There is a choice of items to choose from for this class.
– A silver clasp for a book by Tine Krijnen. The book can be made in Tine’s class. If you do not want to take that class the book can be purchased from Tine at Tune.
– A Quaich. This is a special drinking cup or bowl in Scotland. It is commonly used for tasting whiskey.
– A cake slice from the Georgian period.

In this class students will have the opportunity to learn several silver making techniques. I will demonstrate how to file, dome, use a drill, solder and use a piercing saw. The items will be prepared for polishing and that technique will also be taught.

Materials fee to be paid to the teacher during the class is 250 DKK.


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