A7 Roombox

A7 – Jeffry Antonis

Roombox with “wooden” panels

Monday, Tuesday and WednesdayA7-01w1

Teaching language is English.

During this class you will learn how to paint the walls/panels to simulate a fancy wooden pattern. When finished you’ve created a nice little roombox to display some of your precious/special miniature pieces!
A lot of diverse skills will be learned to create this lovely roombox, which will measure 31cm wide, 31cm high and 30 cm deep when completed.
There’s a choice for a large stained glass window or a shorter one with a little window seat.
For the background you can bring along a picture of your garden, favorite spot, favorite season etc. to give it a more personal touch. A real wooden floor will finish of this room.
When we have more than plenty of time there’s the opportunity to learn how to marble-paint the fireplace.

This is quite a large piece to be made during these 3 days and uses up a lot of materials.
The material costs are 110 euro’s (880 DKK) to be paid to the teacher during class.A7-02-03w

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