A2 Backpack, Boots, Wallet and Diary

A2 – Valeria Bonomi

Backpack, Boots, Wallet and Diary

Monday, Tuesday and WednesdayValeria fine tip

The teaching language is English.

In this class students will learn how to shape pieces of leather to make four fashion accessories: an openable backpack, a pair of boots with stringes, a wallet and an openable diary with its paper sheets and pen.
Students will use different materials such as leather, thread, magnets, paper sheets and a particular air drying clay for soles.
They will learn also the technique for modeling the soles, right and left.
Students will learn how to use two different kind of glue, in particular a tissue glue one, very fast and transparent that I will bring for them.
Students will receive, as a gift, a fine tip glue applicator, perfect for the use they will have to do.

A2-01xwTools required:A2B2-tools-w
2 pairs of small scissors; 1 with curved legs and 1 with straight legs, both very sharp.
1 pair of tweezers with fine tips.
1 black permanent marker.
1 pencil.

The material fee is 200 DKK to be paid to the teacher in class.

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