A1 Spice Cabinet

A1 – Bill Robertson
Spice Cabinet 1790 – 1805

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
The teaching language is English.

a1-01mThese wonderful little cabinets with lots of tiny drawers placed securely behind a locked door get their name from the original use of holding valuable spices. While most know examples can be traced to Chester County, Pa. the subject for this has a southern provenance from Piedmont Virginia, probably Loudon County.
This makes it of interest to Colonial Williamsburg.

Our miniature will be only 1 1/2” tall, with 15 drawers and made of fine old cherry wood. This class will concentrate on hand woodworking skills and drawer fitting.

A number of pieces will be precut allowing students to right to the fun parts of the project. Students will hand cut dovetails for the sides and top being visible on the finished piece.
Then make the drawer dividers, dust boards and detail the edges with a scratch beader. The upper molding will be mitered and bracket feet will cut out and added. The tiny graduated drawers will be made from special channel shaped molding. The paneled door will be constructed and hung on brass hinges.

Ring pulls with turned back plates will be fitted to each drawer.

The plan is to complete the wood work and hardware mounting and to only do finishing if time and weather permit.

3 day class material cost: US Dollars: 120 (about Dkr. 810) which you pay to Bill at the start of the class. The material cost can vary due to rate of exchange.

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