A3 Sculpting Figures 1:12

A 3 – James Carrington
Sculpting figures 1:12

Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday.
Teaching language is English.

a3-midIn this three day class students will learn how to mix the clay to get the perfect colour for 1/12th scale. Then we move on to creating the features of both male and female faces working with full written instructions. When baked we can reveal the life in the faces by painting the features, always a surprise.
Now we can create the hands and feet, always much easier than people think, and form the sculpted body suitable for the face with a new way of twisting the torso to get movement in the figure.
Once the units are baked we can assemble the figures in either posed or poseable figures with a suitable wig.
Students are encouraged to find the figure maker inside them and the class is open to everyone from beginners to experienced doll makers wanting to re tune their skills.
Since this class is concentrating on sculpting, costume is not included but can be done at home. All clay and tools are included in material cost.
For all skill levels.

3 day class material cost: Dkr. 400,- / you pay to James at the start of the class.

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